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A Journey of discovery to an ancient & authentic Bali Aga Village

A unique village considered to be the original settlement of the Balinese, hence called Bali Aga, is a must visit destination on the island.

WakaLandCruise trip along the east coast of the island, takes the guests to Tenganan Pegringsingan, a village, as legend would have it, was created by Lord Indra, to be a world within worlds, a place uncontaminated by the ills of humanity, a place of spiritual purity.

Your WakaLandCruise host will explain the cultural beliefs and traditional ceremonies uniquely held in this village including the fabulous woven fabric called Geringsing. There are galleries and art-shops of Geringsing, handicrafts and lontar you can see including how the local people weave the traditional fabrics using natural dyes.

After Tenganan, you will be driven to the heritage Villa Iseh by WHM at Sidemen, Karangasem for lunch. This historic villa, originally built in 1930s by the famous German painter, Walter Spies, with magnificent open views of a green valley stretching towards the sacred Mount Agung. You will be served a welcome drink, a lunch of Balinese speciality Nasi Campur, Balinese cakes, and coffee or tea. Swimming in the villa’s infinity pool is an option to embrace the beauty of Mount Agung.

On your return journey from Sidemen, the last stop is in Kamasan Village. Located in Klungkung Regency, Kamasan is famous for its ancient Balinese classical painting style. Every painting has a story, and it is told through “Wayang characters” (shadow puppets).