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Set in a lotus pond close by the Reception and main swimming pool, the Waka Spa offers two spa therapy suites for couples, a beauty salon and a fully equipped fitness centre. Our signature body & beauty treatments are as follows :

Classic Massages   

Traditional Balinese                            60 minutes                                               Rp. 305.000,-

                                                                 90 minutes                                               Rp  450.000,-

This traditional therapy combines gentle stretching, kneading, stroking and acupressure techniques to relieve tension, knotted muscles and calm the mind. It can also help to improve blood flow, achy joints, lymphatic, muscle strains and nervous system. In fact, sports injuries are often treated with a Balinese massage.


Aromatherapy Massage                     60 minutes                                               Rp. 325.000,-

                                                                 90 minutes                                               Rp. 485.000,-

The ancient art of aromatherapy combines the therapeutic benefits, of touch and smell, individualized just for you. Essential oils of plants and flowers are selected and used during the gentle Balinese massage strokes to reduce stress, and increase energy. Revitalize, relax or rebalance the body and mind.



Deep Tissue Massage                                    60 minutes                                               Rp. 310.000,-

                                                                 90 minutes                                               Rp. 465.000,-

This is a therapeutic massage with added focus on trigger points and problem areas.  Helps loosen tight muscles and areas of tension to ease pain and promote healing. This massage is designed to address sports related conditions or problems related to chronic stress or other physical issues.


Warm Stone Massage                                   75 minutes                                               Rp. 425.000,-

A pampering, soothing warm stone massage guaranteed to make you feel completely relaxed and appreciated. These heated stones loosen tensed muscles allowing for a deep penetrating massage to eliminate stress and provide a complete sense of spiritual well being for the whole body.


Balinese Herbal compress Massage                 75 minutes                                                 Rp.435.000

A Combination of traditional massage & herb, steamed of numerous herbs, compress to the body help to improve & stimulate this lymphatic system increase blood circulation and its good for rheumatic.


Back Massage                                             30 minutes                                               Rp. 179.000,-Experience the healing power of our special therapy to relax your shoulders, muscles, ease stress and back pain with our traditional thumb pressure technique.


Foot Massage                                              30 minutes                                              Rp. 179.000,-

Our therapist will stimulate points on your feet corresponding to areas of the body, a soothing and relaxing foot massage improves the blood circulation. This helps in getting a peaceful sleep, relaxation and to alleviate sore soles and arches.


Scalp massage with special candlenut warm oil               30 minutes                                  Rp. 189.000,-

A combination of pressure point movements to promote healthy hair growth with special combination of candlenut warm oil, relieve headaches, increased blood flow in the scalp and this treatment will leave you feeling rejuvenated light and fresh.


Body Treatments 

Indonesian Mandi Lulur                               105 minutes                                             Rp. 395.000,-

Originally a bridal ritual from the royal palaces in Java, this beauty and care treatment starts with a Balinese Massage, followed by a body wrap consisting of a paste of flour, turmeric and jasmine. Once the paste has dried, it is carefully rubbed off, cleaning and refreshing your skin. A mask of yoghurt is then applied. Yoghurt has a cooling effect and restores the natural PH to your skin and moisturizes it. After a quick shower, a light of body lotion will be applied to leave your skin glowing.  


Body Scrub                                                 105 minutes                                             Rp. 395.000,-

A body scrub is a whole-body exfoliation treatment, this beauty and care treatment starts with a Balinese Massage. Slightly abrasive products – usually salts and seeds – are massaged or brushed over and into your body, often mixed in oils which smooth and soften your skin at the same time. A body scrub will actually help to remove all the dead skin cells off your body and expose a supple layer of younger skin, making you feel fresh and rejuvenated.


Choose from our most popular scrubs:

  • Sea Salt & Honey – an organic scrub to leave your skin glowing & glamorous
  • Frangipani rice milk scrub – a good source of vitamins and antioxidants to help shed dead skin cells
  • Balinese Traditional Kemiri Scrub The nut oil has antioxidant properties, it is used to reduce the appearance of scars, stretchmarks & wrinkles.


Balinese Traditional Boreh Mask                   105 minutes                                             Rp. 395.000,-

This is a treatment that is traditionally applied to protect you from colds and strengthens your immune system.

The treatment starts with Balinese Massage, followed by a body wrap of herb mixture consisting of ginger, nutmeg and flour. It will leave a warming effect on your skin. Once the paste has dried, it is carefully rubbed off, cleaning and refreshing your skin. After a quick shower, a light body lotion will be applied to leave your skin radiant. 


After Sun Treatment                                    45 minutes                                               Rp. 245.000,-

After returning from the beach, where your skin gets dehydrated due to sun and salty water and feels tight from the wind exposure, it is time to feed and treat your skin.

Enjoy the natural, great after sun treatment of the freshness and cooling effect of cucumber and yogurt is a natural and gentle way to soothe your skin and speed up its healing process, which will be applied as a body wrap. It will give calming effect to your skin. Once the paste has dried, you will have a quick shower and a light body lotion will be applied to leave your skin radiant.


Pure Nature Facial                                60 minutes                                          Rp. 285.000,-

                                                                 30 minutes                                           Rp. 143.000,-

Enrich your skin with our indulgent facial treatments using high-quality natural skin care products. All facials begin with a deep cleansing followed by a gentle exfoliation to reveal smooth, glowing skin. A face, neck and shoulder massage is certain to ease your mind and spirit. A customized mask followed by a nutrient-rich moisturizer, will hydrate, protect and help to restore the natural balance of your skin. A great way to revitalize your skin and spirit – leaves you feeling renewed…


Choose from our classic arrangement :

  • Aloe Vera – a nourishing facial for all skin types, especially for sensitive skin
  • Renew Papaya – a cleansing & rejuvenating facial for normal or normal to dry skin


Hair & Beauty Treatments (30-60 minutes)

With views overlooking the beautifully landscaped garden, amphitheatre and breathtaking surf of Yeh Gangga beach, our beauty treatment services are soothing and calming…


Creambath                                                 50 minutes                                               Rp. 245.000,-

A vital treat for your hair and scalp that also lifts the spirit! Your scalp is massaged with your choice of Avocado, Ginseng or Aloe Vera cream to stimulate circulation and release tension. Steaming follows to hydrate and preserve suppleness. Your therapist slowly massages your shoulders and upper arms before finally applying natural hair tonic, washing and towel/blow-drying. This treatment will leave your hair radiant and improves the elasticity of your hair


Foot Ritual                                                 30 minutes                                               Rp. 169.000,-

Feet treatment can be surprisingly relaxing. Releasing accumulated tension in the feet helps the entire body to release stress via the various pressure points located at your feet. Your feet will be soaked in a warm bath and gently scrubbed. To finish off, honey is applied to moisturize the feet.



Nails are soaked in warm water, then shaped and filed. Cuticles are cleaned and trimmed afterwards. Receive a shooting lotion treatment with massage and nails are finished with polish of your choice.

Basic Polish                                                60 minutes                                               Rp. 220.000,-

Gel Polish                                                   75 minutes                                               Rp. 235.000,-



Soak your feet in a warm spa bath. Nails are shaped and filed. Cuticles are cleaned and trimmed. Afterwards feet are lightly buffed and scrubbed then rinsed and lotion will be applied on legs. Nails will be finished with polish of your choice.

Basic Polish                                                60 minutes                                               Rp. 230.000,-

Gel Polish                                                   80 minutes                                               Rp. 245.000,-


French Polish

French manicure & pedicure are characterized by a natural base nail with white tips. It resembles a natural nail. The tips of the nail are painted white while the rest of the nail is polished in a natural shade.

French Manicure                                          75 minutes                                               Rp. 255.000,-

French Pedicure                                           75 minutes                                               Rp. 265.000,-


Remove Gel Polish                                       30 minutes                                                Rp. 99.000,-

We buff the surface of your nails with a nail file to remove the shine, then soak a cotton in the acetone and place it directly on top of your nails. Each finger is then wrapped in a small piece of foil for 15 to 20 minutes, followed by buffing of nails for final finishing.



Nail Polish Basic                                         30 minutes                                                Rp. 99.000,-

Nails are shaped, filed and finished with basic polish of your choice.


Nail Extention with Gel Polish                     45minutes                                               Rp. 185.000,-      

Available for both hands or feet first the cuticles are cleaned and trimmed Then a lightweight  natural plastic plate that follows the shape of the nail is glued to the tip of the natural nail in order to add length. Nails are finished with Gel polish of your choice.


Gentleman’s Manicure & Pedicure

Manicure                                                    45 minutes                                              Rp. 189.000,-

Pedicure                                                     55 minutes                                              Rp. 199.000,-

Nails and cuticles are expertly shaped before hands or feet and massaged with our smooth lotion. Nails are then buffed for a clean finish.