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Classic Massages

Traditional Balinese

IDR 250.000 (60 minutes)

This traditional therapy combines gentle stretching, kneading, stroking and acupressure techniques to relieve tension, knotted muscles and calm the mind. It can also help to improve blood flow, achy joints, lymphatic, muscle strains and nervous system. In fact, sports injuries are often treated with a Balinese massage.


Aromatherapy Massage    

IDR 270.000 (60 minutes)

The ancient art of aromatherapy combines the therapeutic benefits, of touch and smell, individualized just for you. Essential oils of plants and flowers are selected and used during the gentle Balinese massage strokes to reduce stress, and increase energy. Revitalize, relax or rebalancing the body and mind.


Deep Tissue Massage

IDR 250.000 (60 minutes)

This is a therapeutic massage with added focus on trigger points and problem areas. Helps loosen tight muscles and areas of tension to ease pain and promote healing. This massage is designed to address sports related conditions or problems related to chronic stress or other physical issues.


Warm Stone Massage    

IDR 300.000 (75 minutes)

A pampering, soothing warm stone massage guaranteed to make you feel completely relaxed and appreciated. These heated stones loosen tensed muscles allowing for a deep penetrating massage to eliminate stress and provide a complete sense of spiritual well being for the whole body.


Back Massage   

IDR 165.000 (30 minutes)

Experience the healing power of our special therapy to relax your shoulders, muscles, ease stress and back pain with our traditional thumb pressure techniques.