In terms of what we need for living is not only about work, sleep, eating well, and social life. But somehow, there is a need to make our selves calm and reenergized. The daily routines and hectic schedule sometimes make us unhappy. When people do not have a relaxing holiday, it also makes them feel as though it was a waste of time.

We all know, that Bali is still a favourite global vacation destination. Now, that the world has opened again for tourism and travel, after a few years of being locked down, people are searching for improving the quality of their lives by going on an enjoyable holiday. In the past, people were very interested in spending their money at parties or in a crowded place, but now they are more interested to spend their money with on their lovely family in a private and secure place. They are looking at spending quality time together with new experiences and forgetting about the sense of being constantly locked down by the government’s rules and regulations.

Why do people require inner healing? Because they feel the need to de-stress in pleasant and natural surroundings, especially after the pandemic, which has made people feel unsafe, insecure and unhappy.

One of the best destinations for tourists or families to spend their holiday time and healing is West Bali. The location is very unique and beautiful surrounded by nature of the 19,000 hectares West Bali National Park. In this part of Bali, you can enjoy the beautiful natural forests, calm blue Ocean teeming with marine life and secluded beaches.

The snorkeling and diving spots around the Menjangan island are very famous in West Bali. One of the most unique resorts located in the middle of West Bali National Park is NusaBay Menjangan by WHM. At the house-reef just right in front of the resort’s private beach, you can explore colourful fish and reef at any time you open the door of your Lanai Cottage or the Beach Villa. The location of the resort itself is stunning and unusual as the guests must take a wooden boat to get to the resort, which is surrounded by nature with plenty of deer and black monkeys.

Visitors are very happy to spend their vacation at the resort because of the location, nature, beautiful private beach and a calm ocean for swimming. It’s the right place for a family, couple, or person to have a unique holiday and a place for healing from stressful city life or hectic daily routine. They leave it all behind during their stay and recharge their energy before heading back home.


We all need to spend a quality holiday with our loved ones.