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I would love to share an amazing day I had with Cabana Cartel in Bali this year. I was asked to shoot their new range on a catamaran by WakaSailing. I have such good memories of that day.

 Together with videographer Brandon, we were capturing cabana girls KarinaMishaSabine Van Kooperen and Sabine Voest whilst sailing to Nusa Lembongan, a small island close to Bali.

It was quite a challenge to photograph on a sailing catamaran. The boat was rocking back and forth, so it was hard to keep my body balanced and my camera nicely framed at the same time. But it certainly resulted in playful and fun pictures.

We also went to a secret beach on Nusa Lembongan. I remember it was hot as hell, but a great location for some shooting. My favorite photo is the second one within the greenery.

It’s funny that now that I’m here in Amsterdam, I appreciate the memory of this day even more than on an actual day. Human memory might work that way, but come on.. this is like a dream! A working day on a boat, in the sun, on the sea, with fun people.. I honestly can’t even imagine a life like that at the moment.

Let me show you some of my favorite photographs I shot that day. I’m showcasing more of my photography on @taoofsophiaphotography.