Can you imagine spending lazy vacation days to recharge your energy as a self-reward for your never-ending busy days at work?

Some people have fun hanging out in popular, busy and trendy places. But others seek out unique and secluded resorts for their holidays to recoup, recharge and rebound.

Surrounding oneself by nature, listening to the soothing sound of the sea breeze, breathing-in clean jungle air and a refreshing swim in the ocean are the best recipes for a quick recharge. You can spend the whole day soaking up the atmosphere at your own pace, without feeling the pressure of sharing it with others.

Waka Hotels & Resorts offers it all in its two serene resorts – WakaGangga located on the island’s west coast at Yeh Gangga beach in Tabanan and NusaBay Menjangan by WHM on Kotal Beach in the West Bali National Park.

WakaGangga nestles between the rolling surf of Gangga Beach and lush paddy fields stretching all the way to Mount Batu Karu. Accommodation in spacious standalone Villas -15 with own private swimming pools, afford complete privacy for you to spend quality time with your partner or family. The Waka Bar & Restaurant right on the oceanfront is an amazing dining place with open views of a beautiful black sand beach and infinite scenery that you can enjoy while having your meals. At the Spa treat yourself to a range of relaxing body and beauty treatments.

From WakaGangga, a 2-hour drive towards the north coast will bring you to the West Bali National Park covering 19.000 hectares of rain forest. Within these pristine surroundings, far away from the crowds and rush south Bali, Waka Hotels & Resorts offers you a unique eco-resort – NusaBay Menjangan by WHM located on a private white sand Kotal Beach. As it is located in a secluded area, a boat transfer is needed to reach the resort. 16 air-conditioned Cottages and Villas can only accommodate a small number of guests. This amazing resort is surrounded by a jungle with shy deer and black monkeys roaming freely within its premises. Snorkeling at the house reef teeming with colourful fish and a refreshing swim in the calm blue ocean are popular recreational activities. The Menjangan island famous for the snorkeling and scuba diving is only 10-minutes by boat from the resort. Definitely, it is the perfect spot for you to spend your holidays away from the hustle-bustle of city life.

In addition to the two resorts, Waka Hotels & Resorts offers you one of the most unusual lunch spots in Bali – the Bamboo Forest Restaurant by WHM. Located high up on the slopes of mount Batu Karu, in the middle of a bamboo rain forest, the restaurant serves delicious Balinese mountain food and Indonesian specialities. Located near the UNESCO world heritage Jati Luwih terraced rice fields, a 4×4 vehicle is the perfect transport to bring you to this restaurant. You can enjoy the lunch surrounded by nature and giant bamboos. Advance table reservation, one day prior is required.

Why don’t you start to plan your next vacation and include these off-the-beaten track resorts and activities on your next holiday bucket list? Your well deserved destination of Bali that you will never forget. Can`t wait to see you soon!