Citied from Sensation Voyage

Bali is a destination more and more visited every year. Passing from 1 million tourists in 2000 to more than 15 million in 2018, the Island of the Gods has above all become the island of tourists. It becomes difficult to find natural, calm and authentic places in Bali. It is the tranquility and serenity that we came to seek at Pulau Menjangan and we were conquered.

In the heart of Bali Barat National Park

Covering more than 750km², the Bali Barat national park ”  Taman Nasional Bali Barat  ” is located in the North West of Bali, not far from Java. It is in this national park that is the island of Pulau Menjangan , known mainly by divers for its coral wall descending more than 50 meters.

A multicolored underwater world

Even though we don’t do scuba diving, my traveling companion and I were eager to discover the aquatic life of Bali Barat by snorkeling. And we were not disappointed.

The turquoise waters are full of corals and multicolored fish. We meet triggerfish, clownfish, parrotfish, lionfish, barracuda and many other species whose names I have forgotten!

Our boat trip to the famous Pulau Menjangan Coral Wall was extraordinary. Even though we only dive with a mask and a snorkel. I imagine how much bottle divers enjoy themselves. The wall that descends into the depths is impressive. And all around it is a rainbow of fish dancing among the corals .

Unexpected terrestrial fauna

We originally came to Menjangan for snorkeling and discovered much more. Because the Bali Barat National Park is also home to terrestrial animals that we did not imagine crossing here.

Unsurprisingly, the monkeys are numerous. But here, they share their territory with hinds, deer and fawns who enjoy sea bathing.

The national park also shelters a rare bird which one meets only in Bali, the starling of Rothschild . Recognizable by its white plumage and its blue mask on the eyes, it is him, much less cooperative than the wild boar , when it comes to posing for a photo.

Unique experience at the NusaBay hotel

A dream eco lodge…

The NusaBay Menjangan Hotel is the only accommodation inside the Bali Barat National Park. And for that it allows to live a unique experience among wild animals , well installed in sumptuous wooden eco-lodges.

We spent 2 days and 1 night at NusaBay Menjangan and would have stayed 3 or 4 more days. The always attentive team and the delicious meals only added a touch of magic to this pretty corner of paradise.

… In an idyllic setting

Because the dream here is above all harmony with nature . The wild animals that wander in the hotel park, the wooden pontoon that leads directly into the turquoise sea, and the calm, far from mass tourism .

Practical information Menjangan

Staying at NusaBay

  • Access by boat only
  • Departure: Labuan Lalang port, free parking
  • Duration of the boat crossing: 20 min
  • Free hotel shuttle boats 7 times a day
  • Possibility of taking a private transfer for 35 euros
  • Access to the national park: 20 euros (to be paid at check out)
  • Snorkeling and diving excursions offered at the hotel

Go to Pulau Menjangan on an excursion

  • Excursions from Permuteran (boat crossing 35 min)
  • Excursions from Sanur (boat crossing 2h30)
  • National park entry: 20 euros (generally included in the excursion price)
  • Different dive sites from beginner to level 2