Teluk Brumbun is situated inside the West Bali National Park. Its savannah like landscape is in contrast to the other densely forested areas of the park.  The sparseness of vegetation gives one an opportunity to view bird and some animal species.

About an hour’s walk into the park is the well-known breeding centre for the critically endangered Bali Starling. It is large construction covering approximately a hundred square metres of covered area. In this protected enclosure are about twenty pairs of Bali Starling.

The Bali Starling, known locally as Jalak Bali, is about ten inches in height, wholly white with a long drooping crest, black tips on the wings and tail, and blue bar skin around the eyes, greyish legs and a yellow beak. The male and female are alike in appearance.

This bird watchers’ paradise also features the Bali Sparrow, Zebra dove, Sunda Woodpecker, Black-naped Tern, endemic Yellow-throated Hanging-Parrot, Fulvous-breasted Woodpecker, Bar-winged Prinia, Chestnut-headed Bee-eater and Lemon-bellied White-eye among others. And often lurking somewhere around peripheral vision are the wild pig, macaque and jungle fowl scampering through the bushes. The ubiquitous deer are indifferent to the visitors.

In season one will come across numerous species of butterflies like the Swift Peacock Swallowtail, Great Mormon Swallowtail, Banded Swallowtail, Great Sergeant, and the Tailed Jay.

The experience of walking through the area and encountering all this flora and fauna will leave one feeling rejuvenated in body and soul. This is not just a walk in the jungle. It is a meeting with Mother Nature and seeing, listening and appreciating the delicate balance between humanity and the environment.

Another five kilometres on lies Teluk Kelor post and from here the trek continues along the shore to Segara Rupak Temple. The panoramic view includes the mountains of Java Island and Tabuhan Island, which lies between Menjangan and Java islands. Menjangan means deer in Bahasa Indonesia.

NusaBay Menjangan by WHM organizes the trek and the drive back in a classic Land Rover to Labuan Lalang Harbour. It includes refreshments (breakfast basket and drinking water) and a forest ranger to guide you through the area. For more details please contact us at info@wakahotelsandresorts.com or call +62-361-484085.