Paul Coelho, author of The Alchemist, “One day you will wake up and realize there won’t be anymore time to do the things you’ve always wanted. Do it now.”

Travel forces one to view the world in so many different ways. Images, colours and sounds lure many into a trance-like mood where they often lose all sense of perception. The exotic bazars, the sun washed beaches and the jostling crowds are sometimes overwhelming.

Often the cacophony of congregating tourists becomes too much for the discerning tourists and thus they seek refuge in sylvan surroundings to recharge their senses. And it here that Bali offers a glimpse into the wilds.

Lying in the embrace of the densely forested West Bali National Park is the eco tourist resort of NusaBay Menjangan by WHM. Its bungalows, built with natural materials, offer all the creature comforts. On its five kilometer sea front is a stunning coral reef. This is the ideal place to be based and from where one can go on day and night diving trips, snorkeling, trekking through the surrounding forest or simply lounging on the beach along with wild deer that frequent the area.

The diving experience is a breath taking encounter with the denizens of the sea. Experts will guide you through the process so that at no time are you in any danger; and that you do not endanger the fragile protected marine eco system.

When diving, you will encounter fascinating types of coral like Mushroom and Acropora , eels, calms, sea turtles, rays, schools of colourful fish, the strange parrot fish, the odd shark and more. You can also explore the many under water caves.

The reef drops off into the deep around 60 metres.

The diving experience brings one face to face with Nature in all her glory. One will never feel the same about the sea after meeting the wondrous creatures of the deep.

Interestingly, much has been done to regenerate the coral reefs through various methods like coral farming. Eco tourism assists in generating revenue for the government and at the same time sensitizing tourists to the need for preserving the environment whilst enjoying the beauty of Nature.

In the night as you relax or before embarking on a night dive you will be serenaded by the distinct whistling churring calls of nightjars and the rustle in the trees as owls take to flight. And if you are lucky you will see fire flies flitting between the darkened leaves like fairies on errands.

There are different diving programs that are suited for beginners and professionals.

Get in touch with us at NusaBay Menjangan by WHM and we will offer you all assistance.