Balinese Rice Terraces
Courtesy of Instagram account: @michaelmatti

In the last century Bali faced the wrath of the Dutch colonials, the sweeping political changes to the great nation of Indonesia and the devastating eruption of Mount Agung in 1962. In between the years of occupation, many artists, writers, poets and travellers made the isle their home. The Balinese learned the many ways of survival and how to thrive even in diversity. New art forms mushroomed amidst the lush green countryside. And from this emerged a staggering array of opportunities for future travellers to the isle.

Every once in a while, an international calamity would cause a hiccup, which was expertly handled by the islanders. Things were quickly put back in place so that life on the isle was flowing effortlessly once again.

And now with the catastrophic COVID-19 pandemic developments worldwide, Balinese have once more to face severe hurdles to ensure life on the isle is sustained amidst ongoing international upheavals.

Bali will prevail

Balinese Legong Dancer

Balinese Legong Dancer Courtesy of Instagram account: @de_wimpie

It will prevail because of the inherent belief in the Hindu Dharma: a Dharma that has kept it relatively unscathed these past hundred odd years. The belief in Tri Hita Karana, the endless flowing streams of venerations, the floral tributes and the strict adherence to religious duties. There seems to be an intrinsic divine energy that propels the faithful to resort to even more prayer in times of stress.

Where is this power coming from? Where does the strength of faith originate? And why is it that the faithful have this unbending fortitude to prevail regardless of what is happening around the world?

Perhaps there is much more to Bali than pretty faces, attire and sun and sand and beach. Perhaps there lies embedded in the psyche of the people a belief that the Gods will protect and continue to nurture Bali and its inhabitants.

Bali will prevail.

It will prevail because Bali is truly the island of the Gods.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om